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We have been in the business of stocking parts for this industry since 1898. Considering that new stocks are being added daily, millions of parts are available. At S. Demanuele, prices are very competitive and we can give whole-sale prices for most of the stock.

A large variety of Herr cuckoo clocks can be found within our stocks. These lively clocks are made by extreme high level craftsmen, thus making them a joy to watch and keep their fascination for ages. One can also find at S Demanuele, wall clocks and mantle clocks supplied by Hermle, whose experience, professionalism and perfection is represented in the range of products we stock.

MAXiTIME are the makers of our large range of alarm clocks. Furthermore, one can also find anything from Barometers, Thermometers, Hygrometers and Rain Gauges to clock movements, movement parts for many makes and calibres, watch crystals, watch straps and watch bracelets as well as a large variety of spring bars. in our product list.

Here at S. DEMANUELE, efficiently and effectively catering for all your needs has been our main priority and pride for the last century!


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